MNRI - The Masgutova Method

The Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration Method®, is a comprehensive set of programs that focus on motor reflex and sensory system integration.  Facilitation of the integration process of primary motor reflex patterns is the key to provide stable foundation for development of higher motor and cognitive functions. 

MNRI created reflex pattern integration exercises allowing for stimulation of inherent potentials of brain plasticity and recovery of a proper reflex circuits. Maturation of primary motor pattern (reflexes which are an automatic responses of the body) is an essential part of development of every human being. In cases of children with challenges whether neurological, developmental or even genetic dysfunctions the patterns of reflex circuits are not proper and lead to high level of stress in the body and constant compensations often blocking possibility to reach higher level of function.  The Masgutova Method allows for organization and integration of primary motor reflex patterns and allows for reaching stable lasting results opening the possibilities for the brain to continue its development and maturation.

Our extensive knowledge of MNRI Programs helps us to create and implement an individualized and holistic movement intervention approach allowing also for engagement of parents and care givers in an effective home program.