ABM - The Anat Baniel Method

The Anat Baniel Method® is an innovative approach to working with children with special needs that helps each child's brain to upgrade the capacity for learning new movement, regulating their emotions and improving cognition.  Treatment consists of innovative and transformational movement exercises that use the 9 essentials of the ABM method to access the amazing power of the brain to change itself and create new neural connections. This method helps children and adults discover ways to acquire new skills, improve and refine existing skills, and dramatically enhance physical, cognitive and creative performance.

In ABM, instead of asking a children to do directly what is already difficult or impossible for them to do, we perceive and find the components and incremental steps that are necessary to build the skill. For example, children begin building the skills for coordination of rolling, coming to sitting, sitting, crawling and walking while on their backs, bellies and side-lying before they actually perform all these functions. In ABM we generalize the learning process by using movement in different positions and configurations to help build those components needed for later skills. All techniques are very gentle, slow and  safe creating optimal environment for new learning and change.