"Movement intervention therapy is vital to unlocking the full-life-potential of a child with a physical disability and reducing their dependency in later life."

At Movement Horizons, we combine traditional physical therapy with methods and techniques that facilitate neuroplasticity of the nervous system. This allows us to reach the source of dysfunction and to treat the cause rather then the symptom.  [Read more about our methods here]

Conditions We Treat

Malia working on kneeling up

Malia working on kneeling up

We provide treatment for children with a variety of diagnoses, including:

  • neuro-motor deficits

  • early intervention

  • for children at risk of developmental delays (e.g.: premature or traumatic birth)

  • cerebral palsy

  • hypotonia and hypertonia

  • developmental delays

  • autism spectrum disorder


  • sensory processing disorders

  • stroke/traumatic brain injury

  • genetic disorders

  • brachial plexus injury

  • torticollis and scoliosis

  • motor-coordination issue

Our Services

At Movement Horizons we provide home, school or clinic based physical therapy and movement therapy for children of all ages. We offer different programs because a child’s individual needs should drive the intensity and setting of therapy services he/she receives.

Intensive Program

To optimize the amount of change and progress that the child can make at the beginning of the treatment it is most beneficial to start with intensive program of movement therapy. It allows us to “awaken” the brain's capacity to learn, change, and create new motor and sensory pathways. The intensive program is like a “jump start” for positive change.

Because each child is different, it is not possible to set a schedule before starting to work with the child. Sometimes, an intensive program may include 3-5 sessions in one week. Other times, especially when a lot of travel is required, a child is better served by two sessions daily over a 3-5 day period, followed by a longer rest period. We will work with parents and caregivers to set the optimum schedule.

Follow up is usually 1-2 sessions per week along with an individualized home program. Depending on the child's needs we often repeat the intensive program after few months if needed. 

Early Intervention

Early intervention

Early intervention

At Movement Horizons we are passionate about our early intervention program and committed to supporting young children with disabilities.

Early intervention therapy is vital to unlocking a child's full life potential and maximizing the results of therapy. It involves working alongside children and their families during the child’s vital developmental years (0-3 years of age). Research shows that intense therapy and support during these important years can make a very positive difference in the lives of children with disabilities because the rate of development and learning is most rapid in their early years.

Training for Parents and Caregivers

We offer support and education services that can have a very positive impact on the families and caregivers of children with disabilities. These services provide parents and caregivers with more knowledge and skills for caring and teaching their child. We help to increase parents' confidence in the way they interact and play with their child. We educate them about how to positively support their child's development.

Equipment Consultation

Our extensive experience in a school setting allows us to provide advice for the best equipment choices for your child; including wheelchairs and other adaptive seating systems.